Are you listening to signs from the Universe?

Does the Universe give you signs to get you to wake up and pay attention?

Do your guides grace you with wisdom through a message, a conversation, an image, etc..?

Does the Divine have your back, and if you are paying attention, provide you with messages from source throughout the day?

If we pay attention, there are often signs throughout the day that appear to support us. The Universe works in mysterious ways. The sign may not always be in a joyful form. Sometimes we need to get “hit over the head” with something dramatic to wake us up! For example, maybe you get laid off from your job… that feels awful at the time, but it may be the very thing you need to happen to WAKE YOU UP!

We get to constantly ask ourselves this question, “Is this in my highest good?”

I know I often need something dramatic to wake me up, especially if I am not “ready” to see or change a situation.

In the video below, I tell a story about an intense sign I received from the Universe and how YOU can begin paying attention and receiving the signs that your guides and the Divine are providing you with all of the time.

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