Eagle is powerful medicine.

When an eagle shows up in your energy field, there may be a few reasons as to what the eagle is teaching you.

There are animals that can show up in our lives to teach us about ourselves and support us in expanding. Animal medicine and connection are always available if we “allow” ourselves to listen and drop in.

We can also call on certain animal guides to support during various times in our life.

Here are a few possible ways Eagle medicine can support you…

  • Gaining a more expanded perspective on something
  • Abundance
  • Completion energy
  • Connection to SOURCE
  • Higher wisdom
  • Manifesting money
  • Freedom

I go more deeply into Eagle medicine and how to connect with the power of the eagle more in the video below.



Are you ready to be responsible for your life 100% of the time?

Are you ready to live with radical responsibility?

Are you ready to leave behind any part of you that engages in being a victim?

If you are….can I tell you a secret?!

The secret is…you will change your life…you will step into full power and create the life that you truly desire in ALL areas.

It truly is that simple.

In the video below, I talk about the value of radical responsibility and how to begin stepping into the full possibility in your life.



I have a message from my guides…

Are you ready for it?

“It’s all going to be OK”’

“Stay in the WHAT IS and not in the WHAT IF.”

In the video below, I speak more deeply into this…

It’s all going to be ok.



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Spirit Guides often offer a special type of medicine to people. I have noticed that certain spirit guides show up at different times for the collective, depending on the medicine that is needed.

Currently, I am seeing Octopus medicine show up! So fascinating as a guide that is revealing itself to support us as we move into 2021!

Watch the video below as I talk about the power of “Octopus Spirit Medicine.”



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The time for psychic ignorance is over.

What do I mean by that?

What I mean is, humans are incredibly intuitive.

We have been using our intuition since the moment we were born into this world. We feel deeply and are actually telepathic. Much of our intuitive powers have been dumbed down by tech, media, oppression, and suppression.

Historically mystery schools, witches, psychics, and mystics have been shut down from sharing and practicing their gifts in the world.

It has never been safer to be a lightworker and intuitive. …

Have you ever run away from your feelings?

Have you ever been “afraid” of your own sadness?

Have you ever denied yourself your own feelings?

Have you ever shut down a sad heart?

I have done all of these things…but I learned it was more painful to run away from my feelings than to meet them and honor them

In the video below, I talk about ways to release, love, and honor your feelings; particularly sadness in your heart.

Our feelings make us human.

However, they don’t get to own us, they get to guide us.



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Here is an ancient secret… are you ready for it?

Nobody can MAKE you feel anything!

One of the things we do have “control” over is how we FEEL and how we REACT.

You are not a victim of your circumstance.

You are not a victim of other people.

You are not a victim of your government.

You are not a victim to your relationships

You are not a victim of your past.

UNLESS you play the victim,

Unless you give your power away.

In the video, below I talk about ways to be in control of your reactions and feelings and stay in YOUR power.



  • How do you know when you have an intuitive hit about something?
  • When do you know you are telling yourself a story out of fear or false beliefs?
  • How do you tell the difference between a “story” based on perception or authentic intuition?

Intuitive Mastery is about distinguishing between telling “stories” about a person or a situation and honoring and knowing when you have an intuitive download.

It is not the time for psychic ignorance.

It is the time of psychic power and knowing. YOU are an intuitive being and when you begin to honor and recognize your intuition, you are on your way toward spiritual mastery.

In the video below, I talk about ways to distinguish between fear, story, and intuition.

Sending you big love today,


I had a powerful teaching dream the other night that I would like to share with you. My guides were providing amazing material, visuals, and messaging through this dream that I hope supports you in your life.

The snake came in strong in this dream.

Snakes often represent transformation and renewal. When they show up in a dream…there is a lot to teach you.

Snake medicine is powerful medicine and the teachings that came through the dream are for YOU and the collective.

Let me know what comes up for you after listening to the dream!

Listen to the video until the very end, so you do not miss any of the powerful teachings.



One of my teachers often tells me, “Be in your open broken heart.”

We have all had our hearts broken on some level throughout our lifetime. It is what we do with that heartache that dictates how we show up in relationships and in the world.

In the video below, I talk about the value of an open broken heart.

What does your heart need today?

Today, more than ever, we get to stand in LOVE.

You were born for this time! You are a spiritual warrior!



Beth Osmer

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